Saturday, November 23rd, 2019

How To Go About Building Your Business Part Time Even If You Work In A High Demand Organisation.

By Ologuntoye Qudus Ajibola

The article you are about to read might actually bore you if you are not interested in learning how to build a profitable business via the internet.

Today I want to talk about how you can build your own business part time even if you work in a high demand organization.

Every single day, I meet with people who are looking for business opportunities to get involved with but one thing that makes it difficult for them is simply one main problem


They don’t have the time needed to build the business.

And as a result of this… People jump into some mistakes that makes them regret their actions later on.

I once got to know about a man that simply because he was shown how lucrative a business opportunity is and he simply went ahead to resign from his job as a banker with the hopes and pumped up adrenaline that he would get great result in that business.

Long story short… He regretted his actions and now struggling to get back as it didn’t work out as planned.

Lots of story like this are familiar with lots of people all over the world who simply jump on an opportunity and leave every other thing behind expecting it to work like a magic wand.

Is there really a magic wand in business? Hmmm…

But what you don’t know is that… Not every business is alike.

What lots of people fail to realize is that they attribute a business to instant financial gateway to freedom and expect it to happen like tomorrow to start living the lifestyle and start to see the money flow in immediately.

But it does not always happen that way.

To some, its fast.

To some, its slow.

To some, they never get it.

Which is why you need to ensure that you are probably prepared to work it out to succeed.

So why this episode today?

Truth is there are currently some people who are constantly thinking of a way out because of the work they do.

And am going to be using this episode to break it down for you.

First off, You need to be grateful first that you have a JOB. Either you like it or not.

You get paid every month whether its enough or not.

Whether its what you love or what you hate with a passion.

The main thing is


So be grateful for that and don’t just jump with your two legs in expecting a financial turn around to happen.

Now am not saying that it won’t happen or that running a business is not good for you.

Am just telling you to be smart about it

Look. Becoming an entrepreneur is not easy and you need to be very ready when you start to decide that you want to become an entrepreneur.

Now when starting a business as a paid employer.

You need to realize that doing business is split in two ways,

Doing it part time

Doing it full time

As someone in the paid employment, You having to build your business part time as that is  one of the best things that you can do right now for yourself.

Remember what I said about been SMART.

Don’t ever throw that cap away J

Because that way, if that business does not work out. You still have your job with you [there is still inflow of funds in that job you probably hate]

Which is where the time comes from. If you are fond of giving yourself the excuse of not been able to have the time to create your business.

Let me tell you a secret.



So you need to easily devise a way to create that time that you feel you don’t have.

That’s the only way through which you can do it.

I think one of the ways through which you can create your time to build your business part time comes from your desire to want to make it work. If that desire is there… The excuse of no time cease.

But never for once, just quit your job because of a business that you are yet to see working for you.

Having you to build your business part time, gives you the leverage to see if it works and if some earnings can be made.

If you start to make good profit.

You still need to wait till you see that the income grows to your income of where you work.

And once you see that it starts getting consistent.

It means that even with the little time that you have been able to create for your business, it was still able to replace your job.

What this means is that by the time you decide to go fully inside it. You would definitely scale much more than your income and that my dear friend at that stage, you can tell yourself that you have indeed built a successful business.

There and only then can you drop the letter and kiss your job good bye.

This Episode is simply intended to people who are in the paid employment system and looking to add an extra source of income to help live the financial lifestyle that they want.

Anyways, I hope you have been able to learn a lot from this.

And hopefully you wont make the mistake like the guy I talked about at the beginning of this episode.

That will be all for today.

See you all in the next episode (exclusive to the inneer circle)

Next Episode which would last for a month would be talking about how to build a Ten Million Naira Per Year Business .

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