This An Open Letter To Every Couple Searching For The Fruit Of The Womb And Seriously Trying To Become Joyful Mothers And Fathers Of Children Even Though All Hope Is Lost!

If any doctor tells you that you will never give birth in this life, tell them it’s a lie because God has the final say.

See, what I am about to show you in this page is one of the newest and highly effective infertility treatment that has entered the shores of Nigeria since January 2018.

Since this product came into the market, at least 300 couple’s in Nigeria have given birth to babies ranging from Twins to Quadruplets.

….and that INCLUDES ME!

After 23 Years Of Barrenness And 3 Miscarriages, Come And See How God Finally Used “Fertility Cleanse” To Bless Me With A Set Beautiful Twins…


This Is Dedicated To Everyone Searching For The Fruit Of The Womb. I Want To Reveal How This Fertility Cleanse Helped Me Conceive Even After Doctors Had Written Me Off As Barren And Childless.

Let Me Tell You My Story…

God has wiped away my tears of 23 solid years. He has put my mockers and enemies to shame. He has turned my sorrows into joy.

This is how it all began.

My name is Mrs.Temitope Adetope and I got married in the year 1990 at the tender age of just 22 years.

When I got married, I always thought I would conceive and become a mother in few months time but..

My Case Was Different….

23 solid years passed without me being able to mother a child like every other woman like me.

Within the first 5 years, it was not such a big issue because I was just 27 but the year I turned 30, I began to wonder what was happening.

I and my husband were steadily having unprotected intercourse but nothing was happening.

Before you knew it 15 years had passed and yet no child.It was as if the Devil had placed a demon inside of me that was constantly swallowing my husbands “seed” that he spilled inside of me.

We tried and tried, yet nothing was happening.

I Was Tagged A Barren Woman Who Had Destroyed Her Womb From Several Abortions.

People began to talk, rumors began to spread about me. They did not castigate my husband o….IT WAS ME THE WOMAN THEY FACED.

They said my mother was a witch and had sacrificed my womb and unborn children to her coven for more power because I had 3 miscarriages in 5 years.

They even said that I did not have a womb, that I came from a family of barren females.

My husbands family began to advice him to get another wife but if not for the fear of God he had…HE WAS TEMPTED TO LISTEN TO THEM.

We visited several fertility doctors, but there was no positive result.

Some said my husband had low sperm count, some said I had infection, some said I had a blocked fallopian tube, some said I would never be able to give birth at all because my womb was too hot to carry a baby some even said we were perfectly okay.

Generally, I was written off and condemned with the words “You Might Never Be Able To Give Birth To Children”

Hearing this negative verdicts affected my mind and I was downcast.

After All Their Verdict We Became Fed Up And Decided To Switch To Herbal.

My sisters..

There was nothing I and my husband did not drink. I was forced to drink all sorts of ugly, bitter tasting “agbo”. Including the ones that would make us purge till we were just stooling water.

We became dry and thin due to the agbo. We spent over N10,000,000 trying to get a child…….YET IT WENT DOWN THE DRAIN.


We tried both fake and real pastors, climbed mountains and traveled far yet no solution.

At A Point I Just Gave Up And Resigned To Fate.

I cried and cried everyday like a baby asking God why he had decided to torment me with childlessness.

All my fellow women had children that had become adults….23 years is not a joking matter.

I lived in fear because I was waiting for the day my husband would kick me out of the house.

Anytime I saw my mates with their children, my heart sank and I would enter another round of crying again.

Depression Struck Me Like A Thunderbolt but I kept praying and believing God for a change of story.

Until I Received A Call That Changed My Life…

My sister who knew what I was passing through suddenly called me, shouting about this “Fertility Cleanse Capsules  that everyone was talking about.

According to her, a 62 year old woman who had given up hope of ever giving birth….suddenly conceived and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

This same ” had helped 565 women give birth without spending money on IVF.

This fertility booster was so scarce I never believed it when I heard it, because I had heard all these fake stories and I had tried many things without getting results

But My Sister Forced Me To Follow Her To See This 62 Year Old Woman Who Had Given Birth To A Bouncing Baby Boy.

I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt, after all you don’t know how God will use someone to bless you.

Long story short, when I met this woman and what she revealed to me changed my life forever.

I heard her story and all the sufferings she went through until she discovered this Fertility Cleanse Capsules.

According to her, she had lost all the hope of ever being a mother, she had passed menopause long time ago and thought she would die childless until her sister who traveled to China got this Fertility Cleanse Capsules” and told her to give it a try.

She used it and the most unbelievable thing happened. She began to see her menses even though she was over age 60.

Like play like play, she met her husband and today she is a mother. She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy that shocked everyone around her.

Her story went viral on social media, newspapers all around Nigeria carried it and because of her testimony, people began to praise God and give their lives to Christ.

See it below…

After my encounter with her, I HAD HOPE AGAIN AND PEACE OF MIND. I began to have hope that if God could use that Fertility Cleanse Capsulesto surprise this woman with a child at age 62, then my own is not impossible with God.

I contacted her sister and she gave me the contacts of the suppliers, I got the Mega Fertile Fertility Booster Pack and began to use it for myself.

There wasn’t much difference, felt like every other drug I had previously taken.

I was almost discouraged as usual but I decided to go about my morning life.

But one morning, I noticed I woke up by 7:23am as against my normal 5:00am wake up time.

It seemed awkward.  Even my husband noticed, but chose to keep quiet about it.

Few days after then, I noticed my eyes started twitching and my legs were dragging because I was feeling a lot weaker than usual.

I had to go for malaria test and I was negative. The pharmacist suggested that I do a pregnancy test because those kinda seemed like pregnancy symptoms. 

I remember laughing my ribs out, but somehow I accepted to do the test…

Lo and behold!! Like play like play!!!

I Had Conceived…..

What a miracle

I kept observing myself. It wasn’t up to 3 weeks after then that I started to notice a baby bump and morning sickness. 

My husband almost went mad with celebrations. His God has finally put his enemies to shame.

He couldn’t hold his joy even in his office. I kept getting congratulatory calls and WhatsApp messages from his friends and colleagues.

I immediately registered for ante-natal with a private maternity clinic.

5 months down the line, I went for a scan and I cannot explain the joy that filled my heart when the doctor said I was pregnant with a set of twins.

The whole hospital heard my shout of joy, I danced, I cried, I was screaming uncontrollably. God had decided to wipe away my 23 years of sorrow. 

I carried my babies for 9 months safely, no complications. Today I am Iya Ibeji (Mother of twins). I can not explain the joy I feel when I see my twins smiling at me while sucking my breasts.

It is breathtaking. I have unconditional love for my children and I am grateful to God.

Today I am a joyful mother of children but I can never forget my days of barrenness and miscarriages.

I know how painful it can be for you as a woman.

I know what it feels like go through the pains of labor only to find out that the baby died.

I know there are numerous women out there who want to carry their own bundle of testimonies in their arms too so I decided to help by introducing this Fertility Cleanse Capsules” to every woman still trying to conceive.

Your testimony can be the next in line if you take what I am about to show you seriously.

Good News For Every Woman Who Wants To Become A Joyful Mother Of Children In 2019

I Will Give You The Full Details Of This Fertility Cleanse Capsules That Will Prepare Your Body For Conception, Helping You Give Birth To A Strong And Healthy Baby Within The Next 9 Months.

NOTE: This is not just ordinary hype!What I am about to show has not only helped me give birth to a healthy set of Twins but has helped 565 women in Nigeria and diaspora give birth to Children ranging from twins to triplets within 1 year of this fertility booster’s existence WITH FULL PROOF.

Fertility Pack 

(“ High Potency Fertility Cleanse CapsulesStrictly For Women Who Want To Get Pregnant Fast”)

This Fertility Cleanse Capsules pack helped me conceive and give birth after 23 wasted years of barrenness and miscarriages.

I am not so sure what the current figure will be now, but as at when I Googled this products, there were already 481 verifiable testimonials of women who used this product and gave birth.

Some gave birth to one, some twins, some triplets.

481 women (with testimonials) can’t be wrong about 1 product.

It couldn’t have been a lie.. I even had to check for side-effects, but till the point where I used it, there was none recorded.

Your case wouldn’t be any different.

Let me show you how exactly each of this fertility booster pack will eradicate infertility in your life as a woman, once and for all.

Fertility Cleanse Capsules


This Mega Fertile Package  is packed with Vitamin A which is one of the most important vitamin every woman should have in her body if she wants to conceive and give birth as fast as possible

Shrinks Fibroid Super Fast

At least 10 women have testified that once they began using this tea for at least 90 days, they began to experience shrinking and dropping of Fibroids that had been growing for 2 years and above.

This is because this “Fertility Cleanse Capsules” contains Fibroid shrinking herbs that can help women shrink long standing fibroid that prevents conception and childbirth.

I Will Correct Hormonal Imbalance In Your Body So You Can Conceive

This “Fertility Cleanse Capsules” will help your body balance the hormones needed to help fertilize the eggs and turn it into an uterus fast.

With this, hormonal imbalance will be over and your body will be conducive enough to carry a baby in the next 9 months

If the hormonal imbalance is being caused by being overweight, this Mega Fertile will help shed excess and useless bofy fat.

Contains A Powerful Herb That Corrects Irregular Menstruation & Menstrual Disorders


Are you experiencing irregular menstruation, scanty menses or any form of menstrual disorder?

If yes, then this package is for you because it contains a powerful herb called Ligusticum Wallichi which is a powerful herb, scientifically proven to take care of all these issues.

When you begin to use this tea, you will notice that your menses will flow regularly and this will boost your chances of getting pregnant within the next 9 months.

Increases The Quality And Quantity Of Cervical Fluid for Conception:

This “Fertility Cleanse Capsules” is packed with Vitamin A which helps your body  produce the right amount of cervical fluid that nourishes the sperm making it live longer to fertilize the ovaries and form a foetus.

With this every sperm your husband is releasing inside you will become extra fertile enough to form a baby NO NEED FOR IVF SO STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY

Helps Your Baby Grow Healthy Right From Conception:

This“Fertility Cleanse Capsules” will strengthen the foetus helping your baby grow strong and healthy minimizing the chances of miscarriage.

No longer will you experience any miscarriage during your 9 months period because your baby will be as strong as possible. No more dead foetus, bleeding during pregnancy or stillbirths.

Prevent Birth Defects In Your Baby:

This Fertility Cleanse Capsules is packed with Folic Acid which will prevent your baby from having any form of birth defects while growing in the foetus.

With this nutrient, your baby will come with everything intact like a normal baby without complications

Increases Your Ovulation And Overall Fertility:

This Fertility Cleanse Capsules is also packed with Vitamin-D which is called “The Sunshine” vitamins which will help your body create the sex hormones which regulate ovulation and hormonal balance.

With this vitamins, the more you ovulate in a healthy way, the more your chances of getting pregnant with every sexual intercourse you have with your husband becomes very high.

Kills Infection That Causes Infertility From The Roots:

Is infection preventing you from conceiving? Not worry because this “Fertility Cleanse Capsules”contains natural herbs and oils that fights any form of infection like Chlamydia,  from the roots.

That means, its fights it to the last and they will never resurface again in the future.

Helps Repair Damaged Ovaries Unblocks Fallopian Tube:

If your ovaries are damaged then this mega fertile is for you. This mega fertile contains all the necessary herbs and vitamins needed to not only repair damaged ovaries but unblock the fallopian tube enabling the free passage and fertilization of the ovaries by the sperm.

With this every drop of sperm you take in goes straight to fertilize the ovaries instead of melting away.

Helps To Boost & Keep Your Husbands Sperm Alive For Several Days After Ejaculation.

This mega fertile tea is packed with Sperm Booster Goji which will help  regulate the production of cervical mucus, which is important for conception, due to the importance of its ability to keep sperm alive for several days.

Improves The Thickness Of Your Uterus Preventing Premature Childbirth.

Angelica Sinensis

This mega fertile contains Angelica Sinensis a powerful herb which will help improve the thickness of your uterus by 8mm preventing it from breaking and making you go through Premature Childbirth.

A study published by Fertility and Sterility in April, 2010, showed that Angelica Sinensis supplementation may aid fertility by increasing the thickness of the uterine lining in women with uterine linings of less than 8mm.

It is also important during gestation for the developing foetus and has been shown to help prevent premature rupture of the membranes (amniotic sac) in pregnancy.

Improves Sperm Fertility In Men:

The “Fertility Cleanse Pack”is proven to improve sperm quality and motility in men becuase it contains a sperm booster herb called Goji Chinese Wolfberry Seeds

This means if your husband is having Low Sperm Count he can also take it to boost the sperm count.

Once he starts to use it, he will notice that the sperm will become thick and full enough to impregnate you.

Now, I am sure that will all this you are convinced that this “Mega Fertile High Potency Fertility Booster Tea” will work for you, but I am not done yet.

Below are testimonies of at least 5 women I know who have given birth to children as a result of using this “Mega Fertile High Potency Fertility Booster Tea”

Finally Got Pregnant After 1 Miscarriage & Six Failed IVF Treatments.


Finally Got Pregnant After 1 Miscarriage & Six Failed IVF Treatments.

I got married in the year 1998, I got pregnant immediately but lost the baby at childbirth.

Ever since then I tried at least 6 IVF treatments in order to get pregnant again but they all failed woefully. The journey cannot be explained, I traveled far and near. I climbed mountains.

I had encounters with fake and real pastors but to God be the Glory, God used Mrs. Adetope to introduce me to this “FERTILITY CLEANSE CAPSULES”and I took it for 3 sold months, consistently.

To cut the long story short, I am blessed with a baby girl after almost 20 years of struggling. I give God the glory and thank you Mrs. Adetope. I am forever indebted to you.

Mrs. Dakore Kajovo (Delta State)

From Childless And Barren To Mother Of Triplets

Words cannot describe the way I felt when I took this picture. God made me to laugh in the presence of my mockers and shamers. I was the woman they called barren. I was the woman they laughed at, I was the woman that doctors had written off.

In Fact, I was the woman who almost committed suicide 3 times due to the shame of childlessness. This was my case until my friend introduced me to this“Mega Fertile High Potency Fertility Booster Tea”. Believe you me, I tried many thing that never worked, I spent at least N1,500,000 because I wanted to give birth yet nothing happened until I used this “Mega Fertile High Potency Fertility Booster Tea”

Today story has changed. My suggestion to every woman reading this, don’t doubt it, don’t allow your past failures with conception and childbirth prevent you from receiving your breakthrough.

I can put my name on this that if you use this “Mega Fertile High Potency Fertility Booster Tea”, you will smile like me at the end. God blessed me with Triplets for all my wasted years.

Mrs.Felicia Nzubechi

My Bundle Of Joy After 15 Long Years Of Waiting

Dear women, in this 15 years of waiting for the fruit of the womb there was nothing I did not pass through, there is no insult I did not receive from my husbands people.

It was as if I was under a curse or my womb had being tied down. I  2 stillbirths that broke my heart. Imagine going through labor knowing that the child you are giving birth to is dead from the womb.

I have never cried so hard in my life but God so kind, I used this “FERTILITY CLEANSE” and I do not regret it. I owe God my thanks and also Mrs. Adetope for not keeping this secret to herself.

Mrs.Princess Anyanwu

Check out this real life testimonial from one of the couples that used it. She gave birth to Quadruplets.

Time Waits For No Man, The More You Doubt, The More Other Couples Are Rushing To Get Their Own Testimonies.

Mind You, You Cannot Buy Biological Children From The Market.

As you can see, these are regular women like you and I who decided to take  they wanted

Give this “FERTILITY CLEANSE” a chance by trying it out. Trust me they tried everything possible, from visiting Pastors, Imams and some even visited Babalawo for a solution yet they found non until this FERTILITY CLEANSE helped them become joyful mothers of children.

There are so many testimonies I would have posted here but I won’t due to space.


How Much Does It Cost To Get This Natural “FERTILITY CLEANSE"

Note I am not the one selling the product, neither am I a fertility doctor or specialist. I just took it upon myself to show you what worked for me because I notice that many women are suffering from lack of knowledge.

This product originally goes for N42,000 for FERTILITY CLEANSEbut I pleaded with the suppliers for a much more cheaper price so all women reading this can afford it.

We came up with an agreement that anyone who buys by placing an order by filling the form below will get the following discounts….

Remember that it is recommended that this FERTILITY CLEANSEbe taken for 3 months straight in order to prepare the body for conception and childbirth but because we know that all fingers are not equal the offer has been splitted into 2 below…



I encourage you to order the 3 packs because you’ll get the desired result with that and you won’t have to keep spending money on this again. Three months treatment is the BEST PLUS ITS WHAT THE LADIES WHO SHARED THEIR TESTIMONIES USED

Now, I’m sure you will be asking yourself “What if I buy this 3 month treatment and it does not work? What if I don’t get pregnant? Will they scam me?

I understand how you feel, in fact, I felt the same way too the day this product was introduced to me but I gave it the benefit of the doubt and today, I am enjoying my new set of twins. People now call me Iya=Ibeji and I have peace of mind.

My dear, you don’t need to be afraid. If you buy this 2 months treatment and you do not see any results whatsoever, the sellers are willing to give you back your money 100% guaranteed.

They are so confident about the effectiveness of this solution and they also offered me 100% money back guarantee too.They will refund it to you, even though you have used the product.

But This Will Not Last Forever.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Yesterday I contacted the seller to tell him that I want to do a testimonial write-up for him, and he informed me that there are just 56 pieces remaining…

So at the time of this writing, we have just 56 pieces remaining. 

Every minute you delay may mean another serious *MOTHER TO-BE* is picking your own…

I wouldn’t want to tell you to hurry, but if you need the cry of a baby in your house, then you should have already placed the order by now

I know you want to see your baby bump and feel your baby kicking inside of you within now and January. Therefore if you are that woman I am talking about, quickly fill the form below for fast delivery.

Once the form is filled and submitted, you will receive a call from their assistant, to confirm the order. If you are are in Lagos, you will get your the next day but if you are outside Lagos, expect your treatment in 3-4 working days.


I think I have satisfied my conscience by revealing my secret of what worked for me. The ball is now in your court. I know you are spending thousands of Naira on IVF that is not working. The doctors are getting rich off your problem, why not just close your eyes and go for the 2 month treatment and be the next mother to share your testimony.

What if I never took action when I saw this FERTILITY CLEANSE

Maybe by now, I would have clocked age 50 without a child.

Maybe my husband would have abandoned me to die alone from loneliness.

Maybe I would have been a laughing stock, a woman they would tage barren.

…..but I thank God I took action and today I am Iya Ibeji (Mother of twins). Nothing gives me more joy than see my children smiling at me anytime I give them my breast to suck.

I am blessed and I am sure this will be your portion.

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