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Forever vanquish needles, prescriptions, insulin, and medication side effects. These medical interventions are NOT NEEDED to reverse type 2 diabetes and live a normal long life. Discover how thousands of men and women worldwide have become diabetes-free, and how you can too:

  • Even If You Have a Family History of Diabetes
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  • Even If You’ve Tried Every Diet Under The Sun Without Success
  • Even If You’re Already On Insulin or Drugs for Diabetes, High Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, or Have Any Related Complications
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  • Hi, my name is Dr Olatunde Ayomikun and I’ve helped thousands of people treat themselves naturally after following my program, and right now I just want you to stop everything you are doing and focus 100% on this page.

    Over the next few minutes I’m going to show you how you can effectively ‘reset’ your body’s ability to regulate your blood sugar, kick start your pancreas, and completely reverse your type 2 diabetes.

    But first let me ask you some questions, Are You:

    • Tired of pricking your fingers with painful and expensive needles everyday
    • Worrying about all the long-term diabetes complications?
    • Facing a 70-80% higher risk of stroke and heart disease?
    • Feeling guilty about food and your weight?
    • Being concerned with not being able to lose weight, which the medicine seems to put on and keep on?
    • Feeling anxious or frustrated for not being able to effectively treat your type 2 diabetes despite all your efforts?
    • Being overwhelmed by the daily care and vigilance the disease requires?
    • Dealing with the “side-effects” of your medications?

    If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms, you can rest assured that I am going to help you reverse and eliminate them from your life by using this simple, natural and easy-to-follow diabetes treatment with zero side effects. A research-backed program that has been proven to work better, faster and is cheaper and safer than prescription drugs.

    Learn how to quickly normalize your blood sugar, fix insulin resistance, stop neuropathy pain, prevent blindness, amputations and other diabetes problems.

    You're about to find out how you can take your health back and free yourself from the shackles of constant blood sugar readings and daily drug regimens.

    These are just a few of the thousands of success stories I receive daily from people whose medical results prove the effectiveness of this breakthrough program. They don't have to take any more drugs, inject insulin or worry about horrible complications.

    My doctor told me that I am no longer diabetic!

    Thanks to your program on reversing diabetes I had tremendous changes in my life. After following your program for about 3 weeks I did a medical check-up and I was amazed by my lab results. My blood sugar is now perfectly normal as a healthy person. My doctor says that I am no longer diabetic, that I am free of diabetes and that I can stop all the medications. Matt I am deeply grateful to you for creating this fantastic program for everybody.

    God bless your noble work.

    Bamidele Samuel

    I am now off of all prescribed medications.

    I feel very fortunate and privileged to have found your nutritional program. I’m just astonished with the results! I was suffering from type 2 diabetes for many years. By following your program my blood sugar has come down to normal range, I have lost excess weight, I have all kinds of energy and I don’t take insulin anymore! My overall health has improved dramatically and I am more confident with my life – I finally feel like myself again. And the big plus is being off of all prescribed medications! You have been a blessing to me and my family.

    Emeka augustine

    Blood glucose dropped from 312 to 120.

    I'm so glad I found your diabetes reversing method on the web. I have been a type 2 diabetic sufferer for years. Thirty days after following your program, I can report the following results:

    • Blood glucose dropped from 312 to 120
    • Blood pressure lowered 10 points on the top and the bottom
    • Cholesterol dropped 26 points.

    Your diabetes reversing method has been a breakthrough and a true Blessing for my heath and well being.

    Adebola Ogunwale

    The Diabetes Solution We So Desperately Need Is Here 

    Thanks to this diabetes reversing method, thousands of people like you have effectively treated their condition. That's without taking any form of diabetes medications!

    And while modern medicine is failing miserably to stop type 2 diabetes and to save patients' lives, this new approach is achieving 100% success in getting patients completely OFF diabetes meds and related drugs — and back to a healthy, normal life.

    This groundbreaking protocol, Reverse Diabetes Today (TM), is a clinically proven drug free system for reversing type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

    And chances are, you won't hear or read about this system anywhere else, because it isn't in the interest of pharmaceutical companies or medical professionals to inform you. “Why?” You might ask.

    Because this scientific breakthrough is helping people get rid of their type 2 Diabetes and eliminate all medications.

    How is that possible, you ask? “I thought Diabetes was not reversible?”

    You’re right. At least, partially.

    With traditional medicine, Diabetes will be a lifelong condition. Traditional medicine “fights” Diabetes through drugs that treat the symptoms of the disease, but never deals with the root cause of the problem.

    In fact, doctors acknowledge they have no idea WHAT causes Diabetes - maybe a genetic defect - but here is a prescription for some drugs anyway. (sound familiar?)

    Does that make sense to you? Why would you take drugs if doctors don't know what Diabetes is, what caused it, or how to reverse it? Yet, people do just that for every physical condition, such as Cancer, Heart Disease, Cholesterol, Arthritis, And… Diabetes.

    In the Africa, we have a high incidence of these diseases that practically don't exist in "undeveloped" and rural parts of the world. This has been known for a long time, and for years, top leading scientists and microbiologists have searched for an answer.

    Well they finally discovered the answer. They discovered that it is our modern lifestyle that is actively causing these diseases.

    The body is designed to heal itself — provided it has what it needs to do its job.

    And your diet is one of the major influences on your diabetes condition.

    You've probably heard the old adage, "We are what we eat." This statement seems to be closer to the truth when it comes to diabetics, than many people would imagine.

    "The HUGE impact that diet has on your body "

    I’ll explain with a metaphor. Picture your body as a car, that was designed to function on all-natural, organic, fuel. The car is a living, breathing machine not unlike the human body. For 2 million years, this car has been using fuel such as:​​​​

    water / seeds / nuts / grasses / grains / herbs / roots / fruits / vegetables.

    THAT'S the fuel it is used to.

    MOREOVER, THAT'S the fuel its entire system is based upon. It was MADE from that stuff.

    Then, suddenly, after 2,000,000 years… that car switches over to – for the last 100 years – a new, modern mixture of:

    sugar / sweets / biscuits / crisps / chocolate / coffee / coca-cola / fats & oils / cigarettes / alcohol / pharmaceutical drugs / chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives (loads of them) / etc.

    What do you think would happen to this 'vehicle'?


    If you keep pouring in fuels that your body can't process properly… then eventually your “motor” starts experiencing serious difficulties.

    Some people develop tumours. Other people have Cholesterol levels that are through the roof. For you, your diet and lifestyle is causing you to damage one very specific organ called the pancreas... that happens to be responsible for producing and releasing insulin.

    This organ has become so severely damaged by your diet, that it eventually produced less and less insulin until you were diagnosed with diabetes.

    If you really think about it…

    Diabetes is not a disease about not having enough “insulin”… but a disease of the organ that produces insulin: The pancreas !

    And this condition is merely a "symptom" – an outward "signal" – of a damaged pancreas, or more specifically, the functioning of the cells that secrete insulin, the beta-cells. When these are damaged or cannot function, insulin resistance can develop leading to Type 2 Diabetes.

    Simply speaking… Within your pancreas there are these cells called beta cells (β-cells). These are the cells that produce insulin. Normally, these cells release an adequate supply of insulin, raising their output in response to the increase in blood sugar that occurs after you eat.

    As mentioned above, when we ingest all the poisonous foods which cause the blood to turn acidic, these beta cells are unable to do their job correctly. Obviously, with heavy demand on your beta cells from the acid in your system, your pancreas cannot function properly... In other words, when the acidity is in the pancreas — diabetes is the result.

    Note that the cells in your pancreas are over acidic because of the food you eat, and the lifestyle you live.

    This is why the conventional medical treatment of diabetes is tragically flawed.

    • Something to think about  Taking diabetes drugs is usually the worst thing you can do because your problems will just keep snowballing. You’ll start with a pill for blood sugar … then soon you’ll need another pill for cholesterol … then another pill for high blood pressure … and then even more pills for depression, neuropathy, and other problems triggered by blood sugar disease. Then, you’ll need insulin injections as well when you cross over into full-blown diabetes.
    • It is truly disheartening that harmful diabetes drugs like Invokana, Avandia (which greatly increases risk of heart attack and stroke), Actos (which raises bladder cancer risk) and Rezulin (recalled for causing liver failure) are pushed onto the public before natural solutions are offered.
    • Food for thought: If prescriptive drugs (medications) were the long-term solution for this disease, why is type 2 diabetes now the 4th leading cause of death in the US, and the precursor to many other serious health issues such as high blood pressure, heart attack, Alzheimer, and kidney damage?

    Please note: Diabetes patients also are given multiple medications to protect against complications (such as high blood pressure, heart attack, liver and kidney damage). Not only are these drugs worthless against complications, but they actually are killing diabetes patients. (I'll show you the research in a moment.)

    Despite overwhelming evidence, the medical industry (including the AMA and ADA), remains "unconvinced" that diet can reverse both prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.

    A study published in the prestigious Journal of the African Medical Association reported that almost two-thirds of academic department heads surveyed at Nigerian teaching hospitals and medical schools have financial ties to the drug industry. Drug companies "are involved in every aspect of medical care," according to the lead author (Reference: JAMA. 2017;298(15):1779-1786).

    So, while there are many compassionate and devoted people in healthcare today, The System is broken and can crush the spirit of even the most altruistic medical professional!

    A large-scale study at Duke University School of Medicine and published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that despite serious risks and dangerous side effects, diabetes drugs don't live up to their claims.

    Duke researchers found that the combination of the blood-pressure drug Diovan (valsartan) and the anti-diabetes drug Starlix (nateglinide) failed to reduce risk of heart attack at all.

    Furthermore, according to the researchers, practically all anti-diabetic drugs result in weight gain and eventual total dependency upon insulin injections. Lead researcher Robert Califf of the Duke study said, "This is a sobering confirmation of the need to focus on lifestyle improvements."

    Also, results from the 2017 randomized ACCORD clinical study (a large study funded by our own government) confirmed the danger of blood sugar lowering drugs:

    Researchers examined the risks for heart attack, stroke, and death in 10,000 diabetic patients. Those who reduced their blood sugar levels the most (to 6.0% A1C or lower – considered “great” by doctors) had a HIGHER risk of cardiovascular death and heart failure in patients with type 2 diabetes.

    As blood sugar levels dropped, there were more heart attacks, and more patients died. In fact, the study had to be cancelled to protect the remaining participants. That's right, they stopped the study 18 months early because it was killing too many people!

    Yet we continue to pay $327 billion annually for this type of care for diabetes, despite clear evidence that lifestyle works better than medications.

    A follow-up to the ACCORD study just published again in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine reports that blood pressure drugs routinely prescribed to diabetics increased the risk of strokes, heart attacks and deaths by 50% — and fibrate/statin cholesterol-lowering therapy failed to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

    These drugs did zip (except produce uncomfortable – and dangerous – side effects), which means there’s no point in taking them.

    PLEASE LISTEN: No drug in the world can successfully treat your type 2 diabetes, no matter what Big Pharma promises. In fact, drugs are often worse than ineffective — they can even make your life miserable or even be more risky than diabetes itself.

    Think about Avandia, whose research I just showed you... This diabetes medicine, once the most popular diabetes drug in the world, has been found to dramatically increase the risk of heart attacks and death. The FDA eventually pulled Avandia from the U.S. market. (Yet it’s still being prescribed today!!!)

    Since the main reason for taking diabetes drugs is to prevent diabetic complications, and cardiovascular disease is by far the most important of these complications, you certainly don’t want to be taking a diabetes drug that increases your chance of getting a heart attack or stroke!

    Another popular diabetes drug, Actos, has its own array of ugly side effects, including average weight gain of nearly 9 pounds (it's true, most diabetes drugs encourage your body to gain weight!) and a higher risk of dangerous and possibly deadly fluid buildups. Furthermore, Actos's heart risks may be almost as bad as Avandia's, and some researchers have linked this drug to bladder cancer. The FDA has even issued this warning: "The use of the diabetes medication Actos (pioglitazone) may be associated with an increased risk of bladder cancer."

    The solution to all of this is to get back into your natural state of vibrant health... by "cleansing" yourself from the inside, allowing your body to get rid of the acids that are taxing your cells, to enable them to start functioning properly again.

    You see, for every disease, your immune system is triggered and it immediately starts fighting it. Your body can restore every wound, diseased organ or damaged cell that it needs to – but it cannot do that if you keep polluting it, your body simply can’t keep up!

    Once your pancreas does not have to neutralize and protect you from the bad acids, it can get back to doing the job it is meant to do… As your pancreas starts working again — and your body’s cells become more sensitive to insulin — your beta cells start to make enough insulin again so you can balance your blood sugar and enjoy vibrant health you never imagined possible again.



    1. 1
      Astragalus Membranaceus: A key component of the herbal blood sugar  formula, has been an important prospect for lead anti-diabetic compounds. It has been progressively studied for its anti-diabetic properties. Ethnopharmacological studies have established its potential to alleviate ELEVATED BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS.
    2. 2
      Rhodiola Rosea: helps BALANCE blood sugar levels especially combined with the chromium and astragalus membranaceus to lower and normalise blood sugar levels
    3. 3
      Chromium: Chromium-rich yeast was found out to be a natural herbal formula for the lowering and balancing of the blood sugar .

    What People Are Saying About Our Solution

    Chromium Capsules is simply the very best solution to my BLOOD SUGAR. I thought I’d be stuck with type 2 forever. But now I’m free for over a year now.  My Doctor had to test my blood sugar himself to believe it. Your product even helped to jump start my pancreas and reverse my LEVELS in just 90 days of using it, Thank you so much sir!

    Mr Patrick

    Estate Developer

    “My doctor was shocked when I told him that I hadn’t needed an lente iletin shot for weeks. He had to test my blood sugar himself to believe it. Your Chromium Capsules even helped to jumpstart my pancreas and reverse my elevated blood sugar in just 90 days of using it, Thank you so much Mr Olatunde.!"

    Sam Allen

    Mr Isa

    IT Consultant

    Innovative product, developed on behalf of the USA government and dedicated to the year of vision protection. As a result of cooperation of 300 leading clinics and multi-million dollar investment a medication that allows in no time to restore vision and prevent the dangerous. liver diseases was developed. It was first presented in Los Angeles in November 2016. Currently, 48 countries, including Nigeria have received the licence to sell it.

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